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Social Purpose Corporate Report


Wisdom Superfood SPC was created to provide products and education to the world in a manner that its founders feel are mutually beneficial to the business itself and the planet at large.  We do not find the two to be exclusive to each other.  Businesses should be socially responsible;  to that end, Wisdom Superfood SPC has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy that its founders have agreed to operate by.

Short-term and Long-term Objectives

Our immediate objective is to build a successful business and brand offering nutritional supplements that nourish the human mind and body.  These supplements must be environmentally friendly both in terms of ingredients and packaging, and they must be nutritionally effective in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As the brand builds, we want to offer education and inspiration to our communities, leading by example of what a socially responsible business can achieve.

Material Actions

The ingredients for our supplements must claim a verified benefit and the suppliers must adhere to sustainability principles and programs that we align with.

For instance, the supplier of our mushrooms has achieved USDA and European Union Organic Certification to ensure chemical-free soil and products, they practice Ethical Wildcrafting to achieve sustainable and productive farming practices, they have partnered with the Chinese Sichuan Province to create a Panda Friendly Certification, and they have pursued Kosher and Halal certifications to ensure that they are sensitive to a variety of cultures. 

In an effort to adhere to cruelty-free practices, our products are vegetarian and our protein supplements are plant-based.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our packaging is recycled, recyclable, and omnidegradable, to lower our impact on the environment.

And finally, each founder donates private proceeds to environmental and cultural programs that align with both our CSR and our personal beliefs.

Future Actions

We are committed to going beyond the initial actions we have taken to align with our CSR, and in the future we plan to increase our contributions to renewable energy, humanitarian causes, and lower our carbon footprint.  

Definable goals for the future include switching to solar power and using electric vehicles, participating in wildlife conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest to restore salmon strongholds, and participating in humanitarian efforts in our communities. 


As founders, we examine each business option put forth to us to determine if it aligns with our principles.  When vendors present solutions to our requests, we try to pick the socially responsible action over the cheapest or quickest way.  In reviewing our actions of the last year, we have found ourselves to be successful in this pursuit when it comes to choosing our ingredients, our packaging, and our operations.  

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