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What, or Who,  is Wisdom Superfood?

Wisdom Superfood is a health and wellness company on a mission to make the most excellent products we can to nourish, heal, and protect your mind and body! 


Who should use Wisdom Superfood?

Wisdom Superfood is for everyone who wants to eat better foods, live a healthier lifestyle, and continue to be fit and active for the rest of their lives!


How do I know if Wisdom Superfood is the best choice for me?

We searched far and wide for the right formula of mushrooms, adaptogens, proteins, vitamins, and probiotics to make a super-formula.  We provided the ingredients here on our website for you to research, and we think you will agree that this formula is fantastic.  If you have any further questions, our customer care specialists can provide more information, and we retain certified nutritionists and naturopaths to help you! 

What do Wisdom Superfood mushrooms taste like?

The Mushroom Superfood Protein mix tastes delicious!  We hired the best in the business to formulate our drink powder, and the first thing we told him was, “It has to be delicious!”  We use monkfruit for sweetener, and blend it with natural products to taste amazing!  If you disagree, send it back for a full refund!


Does the Mushroom Superfood Protein have any caffeine?

No, although sometimes we wish it did!  You can mix a tablespoon of the Mushroom Superfood Protein powder into your morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee, and whisk it up into a delicious and healthy pick-me-up!  


What are the ingredients in the Mushroom Superfood Protein?

The Mushroom Superfood Protein mix contains 6 powerful functional mushrooms (lions mane, reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, and shiitake), 3 amazing adaptogens (ashwaganda, rhodiola, and astralagus), a generous dose of plant-based protein, an enzymatic digestive aid (known as DigiSeb), vitamins A, B2, B3, C, D3, zinc, calcium, biotin, taurine, and top it off with a generous dose of MCTs (the healthy fats!)


Are there any side effects to Wisdom Superfood products?

Our ingredients are considered safe for most people. If in the rare event that you should experience any side effects from using Wisdom Superfood products, discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider. The information and suggestions on are for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace the consultation of your doctor and should not be relied upon as an alternative to the advice of your healthcare professional.


How have Wisdom Superfood products been tested?

We carefully researched all of our suppliers, and we selected only those that could assure us of the highest quality and testing standards. Testing is performed on every lot produced before you receive your product and reviewed by our internal quality team, so you can be sure you’re only getting safe, pure, and reliable quality products. 


What kind of quality controls do you have?

We have excellent quality control practices!  All of our products are manufactured in NSF cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities, which ensures we are following FDA guidelines for dietary supplements, and go through rigorous documentation review to ensure quality in every lot. 


Are Wisdom Superfood products approved by the FDA?

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. What Wisdom Superfood does do, is follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations that require manufacturers to safely and transparently manufacture products and prove compliance through audits and testing.


How or where should I store my Wisdom Superfood products?

Wisdom Superfood products are best stored at room temperature. They should be kept out of the reach of children and away from heat or direct sunlight.


Are Wisdom Superfood products suitable for someone breastfeeding or pregnant?

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have pre-existing medical conditions, abstaining from food (fasting) or under the age of 18, we recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before using our products.


Are Wisdom Superfoods approved by the FDA? 

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements. Our products are not drugs, they are nutritional supplements.  What Wisdom Superfood does, is follow Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP regulations) that require manufacturers to safely and transparently manufacture products and prove compliance through audits and testing. 
All of our ingredients and raw materials including the final finished product meet the FDA’s GRAS status which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. 


Can Wisdom Superfood products be taken with prescription medication or other supplements?

We suggest consulting your healthcare provider before using our products with other prescription medication.



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