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Founders Note

As I rapidly approach my 50th birthday, I cannot help but notice the changes that have occurred to my body in that time.  A lifetime of eating well, exercising regularly, and good genes cannot hide the odds that have been stacked against me. To name a few - the aging process, the damage that high intensity sports and hobbies have generously doled out, the insidious nature of environmental factors that our sickening world suffers, one too many cocktails after work - they have all taken their turn at the whipping post.

At a certain point, most people realize they have to take care of themselves.  For some, the point is reached early in life, for others it may be much later. For me, it began fairly early.  My mother never fed me junk food, and she was a devout believer in whole foods and home cooking. I grew up eating virtually no processed foods, and other than a short spate in my teens where I would devour anything, I have abstained from fast foods and sodas my whole life.  Sean and I started juicing in college, and since then we have dabbled in (and in some cases, entirely embraced) a number of dietary trends, fads, movements, theories, etc. We have learned a lot about the effect of what we feed ourselves, and at the end of 50 trips around the sun, despite our best intentions we sometimes wonder if we could have done a better job.  When we see pictures of 100-year-old Tibetan monks smiling blissfully at the world and hiking painlessly up paths 16,000’ above sea level, we realize that we could’ve should’ve better do a better job at taking care of ourselves.

Our mantra is ‘eat wisely’ because what you put in your mouth travels to your limbs and muscles, your heart and lungs, and your mind.  To eat wisely is to nourish, heal, and protect your mind and body. We have seen hundreds of fads come and go, and one thing still rings true with us - we evolved over thousands of years eating natural foods that come from the earth.  We evolved to fight disease and disaster with plants and fungi that we found in the world around us. For the most part, modern people have lost this ‘food wisdom’. Some see the paleo diet and the science of plant-based health as some sort of fad, and the marketing efforts behind these philosophies make it seem so, but the heart of the matter is that eating natural foods is good for you, and there are thousands upon thousands of plants and fungi on this planet that can do miraculous things for you.  It is with this philosophy that we formed our own nutrition company.

We started Wisdom Superfood because we wanted to nourish, heal, and protect people.  It wasn’t enough to simply be healthier ourselves - we want to provide the people around us with the best way to nourish, heal, and protect themselves - we want to teach people to eat wisely and live to be smiling painless 100-year-olds.

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